An experiential solution


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A true omnichannel experience

The objective was to create a way for customers to view and purchase the full range of items in an interactive way, in-store. It would need to be integrated into the store design, as an integral part of the experience and not as an afterthought or add-on.

Using touch tables with a bespoke kiosk app, the aim was to provide customers with a way to view items in 4K - both interactive and to a large scale.

As well as the large touch tables, customers could also go to a variety of smaller touch displays mounted in the self-service area. These displays have the optimised Made website available for customers to purchase items, with assistance from staff who are on hand when needed.

Custom kiosk application

The solution drives the Kiosk App on the interactive displays, using a series of ASUS Chromeboxes. The custom-built tables house the touch screens at an angle to avoid glare from the showroom spotlights (and also to give an ‘easel’ type feel to the station) and the neatly compact Chromeboxes within.

The table also houses a thermal printer which links to the touch screen and easily prints high-resolution images for the customer to take away, thus allowing the previous ‘product postcard’ solution to be done away with.

Large scale brand storytelling

The solution also includes a large-scale street-facing video wall. Firstly it serves to attract the attention of passers-by with its’ scale, vibrancy and visibility. It’s hard not to have your head turned by this feature as you walk south down Charing Cross Road, despite being in the heart of London’s vibrant theatreland.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this large scale video wall affords MADE a fantastic brand storytelling opportunity. MADE are incredibly proud of their product - the bespoke nature of it and its high-quality, often handmade, origins. They use the feature video-wall to focus in upon a particular item being made by a particular individual craftsman in a particular place.

In our Soho Showroom we decided to create a state of the art, interactive digital solution for customers to view our entire product range on large 4K touch tables. Alongside these interactive touch tables, we have self-serve interactive kiosks, where our customers can finalise their shopping list and order their items for delivery.

Jamie Bennett - Head of Showrooms - MADE

Our customer journey starts and ends online, but our showrooms add value for our customers - this can be through interacting with a team member, seeing & touching physical products or collecting a fabric sample before purchasing. While we showcase best-selling products in the showrooms, we wanted to integrate technology in an engaging way to provide intuitive design inspiration, alongside our full product catalogue.

Jamie Bennett - Head of Showrooms - MADE

Seamless and integrated

For customers, the experience throughout the MADE showroom is seamless and integrated. The digital touch points and displays are a part of the design and not something which has been added on as an afterthought.

Although the showroom space could never be large enough to display the full range available, the interactive tables and tablets give customers a way to view all available products and permutations. This also provides opportunities for customer engagement with the staff in the showroom