A new concept for banking

iBank Store

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In Athens, a new concept for banking has opened which brings together the best elements of a successful retail space, with banking services in a comfortable contemporary space.

The new i-bank store, operated by the National Bank of Greece is a sleek and stylish store concept from Allen International, in which the technology and services on offer blend seamlessly into the architectural design.

Working with Allen International, Trison produced some truly eye-catching content design for the interior wall space. The harmonious combination of state-of-the-art architectural design and new technologies complement the hallmark features of i-bank.

The finished result is a customer space which is open and a stylish reflection of contemporary banking.

Everyone in the i-Bank store will have the opportunity to make a step forward into the future and explore new opportunities that technology can offer us

Tamvakakis Apostolos - CEO of the National Bank of Greece

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