2021 In-Store Technology of the Year - Retail Systems Awards

For the second consecutive year, Trison has been awarded ‘In-Store Technology of the Year’ at the prestigious Retail Systems Awards 2021, held at the Waldorf Hilton last week.

This notable accolade recognises our work with GRIDSERVE®, the market leader in sustainable electric vehicle charging, to create a unique integrated digital sales environment deployed at the world's first all electric forecourt. Our role in the winning project involved providing custom designed digital and non-digital elements, which deliver a new and sustainable customer journey experience.

Large fine-pitch LED screens, dynamic LED-equipped roadside totems, digital wayfinding totems, bespoke meeting room technology, interactive educational and wellbeing touchscreens and customer feedback/survey screens were utilised to bring this to life - all driven by our in-house signage.ninja content delivery platform.

The Electric Forecourt® has been incredibly well received - both here in the UK and internationally, garnering critical acclaim in the motoring and environmental press, and also political acclaim, as politicians encourage companies like GRIDSERVE to help start to move the needle on climate change. The creation of the holistic digital sales environment contributed significantly to the success of the first forecourt, and this model will scale across the UK.

For more on our work with GRIDSERVE® and The Electric Forecourt® please see our case study: https://beavertrison.com/work/gridserve

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21 Feb 2022