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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Menus and order collection with EPOS integeration

Trison were asked by Gourmet Burger Kitchen to provide a digital menu and order collection solution for their new store at the Kidzania experience in the Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, London.

The digital menu solution needed to integrate with their EPOS system, and provide an easy to use method for updating a digital screen, to notify customers when their order is ready for collection.

The design team worked closely with the GBK marketing team to design the custom order management look-and-feel, and worked hard to ensure the screen and order number we clearly visible from distance within the seating area at GBK Kidzania.

Our installation team then worked with GBK to install and configure the equipment in time for its successful launch.

Highly visible

Customers can easily see what food and drink is available

Prompt order management

Orders are managed quickly and delivered promptly, with clear notification when they are ready

Reduced menu options

At busy times, the staff can turn on a “Reduced Menu”, allowing faster service

Menu control

The whole system can adapt and be customised as the GBK offerings change and develop