IKEA Jebel Ali store opened in Dubai

In time for 2020, the new IKEA Jebel Ali store opened in Dubai, with two of our best solutions in place.

Firstly there was a Rug Sizer – which features a simple touch screen interface so customers can see rug sizes projected on the floor. This simple idea is so useful in store, for customers to see the various sizes available without needing to pull them off the shelves.

Some basic furniture options can also be shown – helping the conversation of “is the rug too big or too small?”

The second solution was the new Frame Planner. This projects the frame options onto the wall, so customers can find frames, see how they look and create collages. Customer can then save their layouts to their phones, so they can find the products in store or buy online.

We’re thrilled to be working with IKEA and Al-Futtaim, rolling out these solutions for a wider global audience. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for more updates.