IKEA Greenwich LED

IKEA approached Trison to help both modernise their Greenwich store

IKEA approached Trison to help both modernise their Greenwich store and help improve the overall customer experience. Following a collaborative design phase, we recommended utilising some high-impact, uniquely shaped LED in order to deploy some real ‘statement pieces’ in high-footfall areas of the store. These included:

Entrance LED

We installed a 42 square meter, high-bright LED screen in the store’s entrance area to give a really eye-catching first impression as customers enter the store, and set the appropriate tone for their visit to the Greenwich store.

Room set LED

It was important that the tone set on entering the store was then carried through into the customer-journey flow, and also that the Digital touch-points became more intimate as the customer entered smaller spaces. We also therefore installed smaller bespoke LED screens in IKEA’s pre-furnished room sets in store.

Each room set has its own theme, for example a living room that focuses on upcycled products, a bedroom that focuses on sustainable materials, or a kitchen that focuses on ways to reduce food waste.

Before a customer enters the room, they are greeted by a bespoke LED screen at the entrance. The LED screen gives the customer useful context about the particular theme being highlighted in that particular space, and the specific products used in the room. Doing this creates a much more engaging/immersive experience for the customers, and makes it all the more likely that a customer will choose to enter that space.

To augment this enriched customer experience, we also deployed an audio solution for each room. This means that the customer’s senses are stimulated not just visually, but also aurally. In doing so, the information about the room itself, which is further explained by video, can be heard even before you see the eye-catching screens.

By helping to give greater context and impact to the IKEA themes being explored, customers are encouraged and stimulated to think about the products they purchase from IKEA beyond merely the aesthetic. We are helping IKEA to communicate meaningful messaging about the environment and the need for more conscientious purchasing by consumers, and this reflects a well marked trend in where and how consumers are choosing to spend their money.

After seeing this first IKEA store receive its new LED screens, and hearing about the customer feedback, more and more IKEA stores in the UK have expressed an interest in both of these solutions. Both solutions can be adapted to suit different store locations/needs, due to the modular nature of LED.

So next time you visit your local IKEA store, keep an eye out for these fabulous new screens!