Shortlisted for 'Best In-Store Technology of the Year'

The Retail Systems Awards celebrate the best and brightest retailers and technology providers in the industry, and we are delighted to be among those shortlisted for the 2021 Best In-Store Technology of the Year Award.

Working in a close collaborative partnership, Trison are responsible for creating an integrated digital sales and customer experience environment for GRIDSERVE®.

Trison custom-designed and deployed a variety of digital surfaces throughout the GRIDSERVE site, including a large fine-pitch LED screen, dynamic LED-equipped roadside totems, digital wayfinding totems, bespoke digital room booking solutions and meeting room technology, wellbeing touchscreens and customer feedback/survey screens, all driven by our in-house platform.

Trison's studio also created the environmental graphics used throughout the internal and external spaces - including the charger designs themselves.

All of the solutions deployed are designed to ensure customers get the very best out of each visit to a GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt - whether on the retail/leisure side, or continuing with work whilst charging up (the electric forecourt features bookable meeting rooms, driven by our bespoke room booking solution).

There are a series of three large interactive displays which allow visitors to explore and learn more about EV ownership, leasing models/options and the environmental benefits of EV adoption and GRIDSERVE’s charging philosophy - using the ‘sun-to-wheel’ GRIDSERVE infrastructure model.

Every digital instance uses structural design, design consultancy, motion graphics, bespoke coding and graphic design by the Trison team specifically for GRIDSERVE, and this is all deployed to help customers fully engage with the benefits of EV ownership, and associated environmental benefits, and to facilitate a positive, meaningful, visit to the site - which will secure loyalty both to the EV revolution, and indeed to the GRIDSERVE brand.

The forecourt has been incredibly well received - both here in the UK and internationally, garnering critical acclaim in the motoring/environmental press and also political acclaim, as politicians encourage companies like GRIDSERVE to help start to move the needle on climate change. The creation of the holistic digital sales environment contributed significantly to the success of the first forecourt, success which helped facilitate the funding required to secure the 100-site rollout envisioned.

Providing the very best experience is a key element of the GRIDSERVE customer journey, and Trison have custom-designed digital surfaces which make new and sustainable customer journey excellence a reality.